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Mukesh Ambani launches JioTag to compete with Apple’s dominance in the segment

Mukesh Ambani, the wealthiest individual in India, is renowned for disrupting the dominance of global players by introducing affordable yet feature-rich products for the mass market. Over the years, Reliance Jio has unveiled a range of products, including smartphones and VR headsets, catering to the world’s most populous country. Following this trajectory, Jio has now launched a new product that could potentially challenge Apple’s stronghold in the segment. When it comes to small tracking devices, Apple’s AirTag is the first name that comes to mind. Despite the availability of several similar, more affordable options in the market, Apple has maintained its lead due to brand popularity. However, Reliance Jio aims to democratize tracking devices with the introduction of JioTag.

JioTag, as the name implies, is a Bluetooth-enabled lost and found tracker that simplifies tagging and locating personal belongings. Weighing just under 10 grams, JioTag offers a range of up to 20 meters indoors and up to 50 meters outdoors. The device, available only in white, utilizes the Jio Community Find Network to locate lost items. The tag can be securely attached to belongings using the dedicated slot within the product’s body.

Priced at Rs 749, JioTag can be purchased from Jio’s official website. Each purchase includes a free extra battery and lanyard cable. By attaching a JioTag to frequently misplaced items, users receive mobile alerts when they inadvertently leave those items behind. Furthermore, if belongings are lost and the disconnection notifications are missed, JioTag provides the accurate last disconnection location of the item.

The launch of JioTag exemplifies Reliance Jio’s commitment to providing affordable, feature-rich products that have the potential to challenge established players like Apple in the Indian market.

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