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TVS Supply Chain Solutions IPO Subscription Ends Today : Date, Price, GMP, Details


The TVS Supply Chain Solutions IPO is closing for subscription today, on August 14. This IPO is about a company called TVS Supply Chain Solutions that helps with logistics, which is how things get moved from one place to another. They wanted to raise money from the public, and so they let people buy a part of their company through this IPO.

In the first two days of people being able to invest in this IPO, they received enough money to cover their plans. People wanted to invest in this company because it’s connected to the TVS group and it’s the first time they’re doing something like this in nearly thirty years.

People who want to invest in the IPO can buy at least 76 shares, and after that, they can buy more in groups of 76. The price for each share is set between Rs 187 and Rs 197. This is how much people need to pay for each little piece of the company they’re buying.

They’re going to use the money they get from this IPO for different things like paying off loans they took, growing their business, and other things that help their company do well. Once the IPO ends, they will decide who gets how many shares, and by August 23, these shares will be put into the digital accounts of the people who bought them. If someone doesn’t get any shares, they’ll get their money back by August 22.

People are expecting that this company’s shares will start being traded on the stock market around August 24. This is when people can buy and sell these shares like they do with other things on the stock market.

So far, many people have shown interest in buying these shares. People who want to invest for the long term are being advised to consider subscribing to this IPO by experts from companies like Reliance Securities. Another company called Axis Capital is also recommending people to apply for this IPO because TVS Supply Chain Solutions has a good track record and does a lot in the supply chain and logistics field.

In simpler terms, the TVS Supply Chain Solutions company is letting people buy a part of their business through an IPO, and many people are interested in investing because it’s a good company with a long history. People who are thinking long-term are being advised to consider investing, as experts think it could be a good opportunity.

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