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Politics & Governance. Economics. International Relations. Science & Technology. These are the four pillars of Civilian Express – a new media platform where readers come for daily news, incisive opinions and a fresh perspective on new and old India.

In past few months since we launched, Civilian Express has grown and built an impressive network across India. Its mission is high-quality, fair on-ground and questioning journalism. It’s a crew of inspired and informed editors, reporters, analysts, designers, producers and sales and marketing professionals.

Our aim is not just to bring you the story, but also the backstories that brought us to this point and where we are headed next – through in-depth, visually-compelling and data-rich features, videos and podcasts.

We have made a mark through our exceptional ground reporting on the biggest stories of our times. Civilian Express’s young reporters – who have now become familiar bylines – are always where the story is.

Today, Civilian Express aspires to be the most-read and most-watched news space among the new digital platforms.

At Civilian Express, we are committed to being a fair and an equal opportunity newsroom.


Civilian Express was founded on three central beliefs:


1. There is a growing audience of curious, critical and questioning Indians who value the news they need, from the names they trust.

2. There exists a wide philosophical and intellectual space that is socially and economically liberal and not doctrinaire Left or Right. A space for non-hyphenated journalism.

3. There is no contradiction between good journalism and the market-place.


Meet the Team


Board of Directors

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Amit Meena, Founder & Chief Editor

Experienced Management Consultant & Entrepreneur

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Keshav Sharma, Content Creator

Experienced IT Professional working with Government of Uttar Pradesh since past few years

Marketing, Sales & Tech

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Sakshi Trivedi, Digital Marketing 

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Salim Mustaq, Web Designer



To contribute an article to Civilian Express or enquire about syndication, please write to editorial@civilianexpress.com

Freelance writers can email story ideas to ideas@civilianexpress.com
We’d prefer that you send us contributions after clearing the pitches with us. We pay fairly and on time for contributions we commission and publish.

For enquiries about jobs at ThePrint, please email our Head, Human Resources at : careers@civilianexpress.com

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